Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Let it be known....

that no matter who you are, how frequently you visit, or how charming you are.... LJ is BOSS! Last Sunday night we had a few of Santas elves visit us (mostly Lexi). She received a few gifts that she loved but even more importantly had some new people to be a part of her "captive audience"!

Here's the lowdown...

Lexi decided to pull everyone's pointer finger and drag them to her room where then she pushed the "magic button" on her Christmas tree (mind you this is the button that Mommy could NOT touch last week!) and then she would proceed to dance and make her new room visitor dance as well. As soon as the melody came to a close, she promptly not very nicely ordered the visiting dancer to leave her room. Then as any good "spider" would do she would insist on her next "victim" to come dance. One by one we all danced with her and then got kicked out! Only she did finally decide I could dance with her over and over and over.... until Mommy was about to have a heart attack from dancing so much! Needless to say Mistress Lexi was NOT pleased to see me leave the room.

Lexi is head strong, strong willed and certainly one who longs to be in control! But she does have quite a personality and sense of humor. It most definitely can wear us out but it's also so very darling and cute. (I however may deny this statement in the future when she busts out in Wal Mart declaring her superiority to her parents!) Ah... the terrible twos just lurk in the shadows!!

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