Friday, December 18, 2009

Lovin' Christmas Gifts!

Yesterday a very dear friend (Angela) at school gave me not ONE but THREE outfits for Lexi for Christmas. Since two of the three were holiday outfits she wanted Lexi to have them now. So last night while Mom and Dad were over, we let her open her present. We were very surprised that she seemed to just "know" how to open the present. She ripped the paper and even the box! And when she finally got to the outfits she began to lay them down and match the tops and the bottoms. LOL! Could this be early signs of organization skills??? (I hope so!!) After she got all outfits out she tried on ONE of them for us and then she was "ALL DONE!" I happened to snap this picture at the exact moment she decided to hunch her shoulders. It was too cute. The outfits were just adorable and just what we needed for the holidays. She's all set now with Christmas dress from Mommy and Daddy... Christmas PJ's from Nana T. and 2 everyday outfits from Auntie Angela!

The holidays are so exciting for us this year! I have to admit the last week has been tiring and overwhelming as we prepared to end school for 2 weeks but today after passing out gifts and learning that my gradebook could wait until January I began to relax and I'm feeling the spirit of Christmas. I can never express how much the addition of Lexi to our family has blessed us. I can't wait to see her with the family on Christmas Eve and then again on Christmas Day. I can't wait to teach her all about the reason of Christmas and all the traditions associated with it. I can't wait to see Christmas from the eyes of a child again and enjoy the anticipation of the holidays.

Tomorrow we plan to take her to the mall... (AH... hate the last minute crowds but ...) and we will let her ride the Christmas Train in the mall. She loves trains so it's a must do even if we have to fight the crowds to make it into Savannah.

One more quick story and then I'll stop... yesterday I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and said to Geoff as we got ready for work that I couldn't believe that I still did not have a present for him. He pointed to the video monitor and said "there's my Christmas present". I feel the same way. Our life is complete at the moment with her here and no gift can surpass her presence and each morning I wake up and punch the button on the monitor that lights up the screen and I take a few minutes just looking at the sleeping Asian Beauty in her crib (what more a perfect way to begin a day!). I quickly told him that I understood BUT that "sleeping Christmas present" needed to have a gift for her Daddy on Christmas morning. So on Monday morning, we will head out to first have breakfast with the Carr's at McDonalds and then go shopping. (Can't wait to see the boys and of course their parents again!) Who knows it may end up being the perfect day and we'll have lunch "on" Daddy too!


Tracy said...

I love the outfit; that was incredibily sweet of Ms. Fair! Good luck with the Savannah crowds and even worse....traffic!! :)

mhsands said...

She picks out the cutest things! I loved the ones she gave me for my birthday. Which, LJ can anything look good! LOL!

Mike and Rhonda said...

OK....the post made me laugh and cry. We are so lucky aren't we? Just because we were lucky enough to be given VERY special baby girls.

roy said...

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