Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Haircut

PM... (you tell from that milky tongue that I snatched her bottle away to get a smiley picture!)

I took Lexi to get a haircut in Glennville by Cheryl today. We've been trying since before Thanksgiving to get those bangs trimmed. By the time today rolled around she needed a shape up all over! We tried to get it cut at a place in Virginia but they wanted $17.00 to cut her bangs (it was a specialty shop for children) and at that point all we needed was bangs. So finally I took her to Cheryl that has done my hair for two months now. I really like her. She is sweet as pie and so kid friendly. We took Lexi to a mall shop the week before Christmas and the only person available was a woman with black hair... spiked in the front and shaved to the skin in the back with silver eye shadow dressed in stiletto heels and all black clothing. The second Lexi saw her she cried. We tried her sitting in my lap but she just cried harder. The Goth-chic never spoke to Lexi or even acted as if she wanted the business. So kuddos to Lj for recognizing a weird chic! (I use chic loosely as she was WAY too old to be trying to pull this look off!)

Just let me say she sat so still for Cheryl! She's never done this well before. She was just an angel! No crying, no tears, no drama! Just what Mommy prayed for! Little Lj can spot a little kid loving mommy!

We visited Nana and Papa before and after the haircut. Then I brought home a very unhappy child (she did not want to leave Nana and Papa). We decided to try to cheer her up with some New Year's Eve sparklers. I couldn't believe that she was not afraid of them. This is my VERY LAME attempt of capturing the moment. (anyone with camera advice to get this perfect shot... please bring it!) We really want a cool New Year's Eve picture with her! Like an American Express commercial... Lexi in our arms on the eve of a New Year... PRICELESS!


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