Friday, July 02, 2010

3 Years Ago

Brennen Matthew made his grand entrance into the world! 

Brennen 019

Now he’s 3! And he’s Lexi’s best friend (and nephew of course!)

May 300 Brennen

We love this little guy SO MUCH!

He’s having a birthday party tomorrow afternoon, so he is spending the night with Nan, Papa, and Lexi.  That way Sara and Chris can easily make all the arrangements.

When Brennen was born, I decided I’d be Grammy since my mom is Granny.  Well, when Lexi came she changed Granny to Nanny or Nana (the only grandchild to ever do this) and Brennen, well he changed Grammy to Nan.  So I’m Nan.  I don’t care what he calls me as long as he gives me hugs and kisses! 

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Tracy said...

He is a cutie pie! You never know what kids will end up calling people. One of the grandparents was supposed to be 'Nanna' but when Colby was born he called her 'Hanna', so that's what she is to my children and the other grands call her 'nanna' :)