Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Quirky/Bribery ???

I can’t believe it is July 6th!  Today Lexi and I just hung around the house watering plants, watching tv and cleaning up.  We’ve had two really cool planting adventures to do but have not done them just because I wanted us to be home so we could watch the plants grow.  One was from Melaine … a plant that grows a plant that says “I love you” and another that Carolyn bought that grows hair on it’s head.  So we began our morning doing some planting… I told her that she could not plant her seeds if she did not SMILE!

July 530

July 533

July 535

We put the plants outside and then watered all the milkweed plants.  Sadly Lexi’s little wagon is falling apart!  We’ll have to find something new!  She was an awesome little girl today as I cleaned up the back porch stuff around the house.  BUT when her Daddy came home she was like a leach on his leg.  He finally got her ready for bed and according to him she came up with her own night time outfit…

July 536

July 543

July 544

Okay, so she’s 29 months old… 24 lbs, 32 in. tall, and completely full of spunk!  Who else could pick out a piggy top with polka dot bottoms, complete with blue tutu and straw hat?  L-E-X-I! 

Our beautiful little daughter! 

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