Thursday, July 15, 2010

Miss Bossy and Lessons learned . . .

Sorry, no picts tonight just stories . . .

A few weeks ago on a Saturday morning, G and Lj let me sleep in and headed to the grocery store for breakfast food.  They came home with an African Violet.  A few days later, I found Lj in the living room trying to remove all the soil from the plant ON the oversized living room chair.  I told her that was a “no no” and tried to explain.  Well, today Sara brought CE and Brennen over so she could go grocery shopping without kids.  The next thing I hear is Lexi quite clearly telling CE “that is Mommy’s plant!”.  He was squeezing a leaf and she knew he was NOT supposed to bother Mommy’s plant.  Let me just say… if ONLY all lessons were learned so easily!

Tonight at dinner we were eating chicken tenders dipped in egg and then dipped in crunched up French’s Onion Rings.  Lexi wanted the “crunchy” part and that helped a lot in getting real food into her besides milk.  She even swallowed the chicken she wanted to spit out in order to get more “crunchy”.  She was born in Southern China and she maintains her “southern” status here in the US South! 

After dinner tonight she had her little magnetic drawing board out that Aunt Carolyn gave her.  She “drew” pictures of me, Geoff, Nana, Papa, Carolyn, Brennen, CE, Sara, Muffin and Smokey. We are about to take our first “girls” trip to the beach on Sunday.  When I tried to tell her about it tonight, I asked if she wanted to go to the beach.  She immediately said yes but then added “Carolyn, John, Brit-NEY, Mama, Daddy”.   So we will see how it goes with only the girls and no Daddy…..

If only potty training was as easy as teaching her Mommy’s plant is Mommy’s plant!

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