Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bye Bye Aunt Neaners!

This surely has been quite a week!  We’ve enjoyed the company of Aunt Neaners since Sunday and took her to the airport this morning.  Yesterday we went on a marathon shopping trip.  We started out with lunch with Geoff and then headed to the stores.  Aunt Neaners spoiled Lexi rotten and bought her all kinds of stuff… a mermaid Barbie doll, new PINK boots, and some clothes.  It was a lot of fun and Lexi was a trooper as we wore her down to a frazzle.  We met Geoff for dinner but by then she was on her last leg and slept through half of dinner. The funny thing was that once Lexi got the boots at Target (our first stop!) that was the end of sensible shoes for the 100 degree weather!  She refused to take the boots off and even wore them in the store still connected with the elastic strings.  She got all kinds of giggles as wore them all over Savannah.  Can’t wait for another visit!

july 528

At the airport this morning

july 527

A very tired Lexi last night still wearing her pink boots just before bed.  Her new thing is to refuse wear pj’s to bed and wear whatever she has on in the evening.  Gracious, she keeps us guessing!

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