Monday, July 12, 2010

Visit from Aunt Kelley and Stuff About Daddy

Last Friday Lexi’s Aunt Kelley flew in from Virginia.  Lexi had a blast all weekend having Kelley at her beck and call.  They became friends fast!  The last time Kelley saw Lexi was Thanksgiving so she has certainly changed a lot since then.  This girl keeps everyone on their toes and wraps everyone right around her finger.  Of course she has her Daddy wrapped the tightest!

On Saturday, Geoff struck out to get my car battery checked because I’ve had a little problems starting it lately.  Turned out I needed a new battery and some other thing-a-ma-gig that has to do with the fuel so he bought it and came home to replace it.  He bought the book and they told him at the auto parts store that it would be easy to replace.  :-)   Yea.  Finally, after he and Kelley did some online research and then Geoff bought the book for the car, they figured it out.   I was proud of Geoff because usually the only thing he does with the car is replace the wind shield wipers! 

july 556

july 558

Yea!  It started!

Of course later when we all got ready to head over to Carolyn and John’s to grill out and swim, it would NOT start!  UGH! We had to ride in the Xterra that also needs some repair work (the air conditioning!  I thought we were going to pass out from the heat!) Once we got there he surprised me again and got in the pool.  He’s not much of a water lover but fatherhood sure can change a man and Lexi sure keeps bringing out more and more in Geoff.  He even joked around and acted like he had swimmies just like Lexi!

july 562

A surprise rain storm cut our swimming short and it was then that I realized that I had not brought Geoff’s blue towel.  All I brought was PINK ones.  Not to worry though… a real man can wear pink!  And wear it he did!  LOL!  He even did a Lexi smile and posed for a picture.  Then Lexi insisted that Kelley get in a picture too.

july 563

july 567

We borrowed a car from Carolyn and John (since they have 3) and headed home.  On Sunday morning, the car started right up!  :-O    Geoff took it over to Sara and Chris’s to see if he could figure out what else was wrong but Chris couldn’t figure it out either and said our best bet is to take it to the shop.  The car did just fine going and coming and he even brought back an extra passenger ~ Brennen!

While Geoff was gone I gave Lj a bath and got her dressed.  She picked out this dress herself.  She’s only worn it one other time.  We got it from Aunt Holly and Uncle Phil a LONG time ago.  Lexi wasn’t even born when they sent it to us and it finally fits.  She wanted TWO ponytails in her hair! After she got dressed I managed to get to pose for ONE picture with Kelley and then she began to make Kelley “tea”. 

july 580

july 574

july 579

We decided to take the kids to McDonald’s for lunch.  Since we needed two car seats we took two cars.  We ate, played and had a good time.  Lexi got her Daddy and Kelley to go up in the tree house.  They were so cute!

july 593

 july 586

Hugging while they waited for food!  After we ate I had to change her for the tree house so she could climb better.

july 617

july 600

july 610

july 613

july 616

july 618

july 624

july 630

I knew there was a reason I decided to wear a sundress yesterday!  I got out of climbing up! When we got ready to go ~ Guess WHAT?   The car wouldn’t start!  We had to make two trips to get us all home. Lexi was not happy that Brennen went first.  Later Geoff went up there and it started right away!  So right now, the car is just not reliable.  We’re going to put it in the shop tomorrow.  Hopefully, it won’t be anything too bad!

For our last night with Kelley I cooked  garlic linguine and shrimp scampi and then we just hung out playing with Lexi and watching tv.  Lexi read her “David Smells” book to Kelley before she headed to bed.

july 632

july 637

Night Night Sugars for Kelley!

july 638 This morning, Geoff took Kelley to the airport on his way to work.  Lexi stood at the door and said goodbye, gave fist bumps, high fives, and blew kisses over and over.  She’s going to miss her Kelley.  We were very thrilled to have her come visit.  Maybe next time Uncle Mike can come too.  And maybe next time we won’t have car woes!

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