Monday, July 12, 2010

Little Miss Primp


This morning after Kelley left, Lj and I just laid around watching Kai Lan.  Finally we got moving and I let Lexi take a bath in our tub (this is becoming a habit).  She entertained me washing her doll, swimming and much to my dismay trying to drink her bathwater from her baby doll’s potty!  She is getting so independent that she had to dry her own hair and then chose her own outfit.  I picked out the bow. 

july 641

july 643

july 644

july 645

july 646

july 647

july 648

july 649

Our day was nice but we missed having Kelley and Daddy around.  The house was quiet with just the two of us.  But I sure enjoy my days with her.  Just simple things like getting her dressed makes me happy.  At one point we went outside to count caterpillars.  It was so hot Lexi quickly told me it was too hot to be outside.  She sure surprised me and beat me back to the door! 

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