Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oh, The Things She Does!

This morning after we sent Neaners off, Lexi and I headed to a different Target than the one we went to yesterday to look for a dress for her that they did not have her size in at the other one.  Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine how funny it would be!  I bravely went into Target without the diaper bag… FIRST mistake!  SECOND mistake… I let her sit in the front of the buggy!  THIRD mistake… let her try to eat a Bob’s peppermint (the kind that melts in your mouth).  FOURTH mistake… no kleenex in my purse!

As I’m walking to the dressing room to try the dress on her and try on a few things for myself, Lexi suddenly says “I don’t like it!” and began to spit out the peppermint in my hands as the slobber drips all down her pretty new dress that Aunt Neaners bought her.  I had NOTHING to catch it with but my hand and no where to put it but back in my purse!  I was in the clothing department and too far away from the kleenex isle to do anything but grab whatever I could which ended up being my Vera Bradley wallet.  Yep!  What a mess!

So we move on to the dressing room and as we are coming out a woman was walking toward us with an eye patch.  Next thing I know Lexi is busting out with “Mama, there’s a PIRATE!”.  The woman looks at us and never cuts a smile and looked ticked off.  I quickly turned the other way and pretended that I didn’t understand what she was saying but of course she says it again and I couldn’t do much but stifle my giggles.  As soon as I could I called Geoff and told him he was in big trouble!  He wanted to know why and I told him for teaching Lexi what a pirate was.  He laughed of course and then reminded me that Lexi watches an episode of Caillou where he pretends to be a pirate.  LOL!

As we were shopping Lexi picked out a new pair of Pj’s and hung them on the cart like nobody’s business.  She even got the right size.  She liked them, Mom should buy them.  Right? 

Next we head over the undergarment section.  This gets pretty interesting too.  Lexi may one day fuss at me for posting this but we all get our turn on this blog every so often with something that could be considered a little embarrassing.  Hopefully, Lexi will always have her cute sense of humor and will laugh at this part of our interesting day!  Lexi tends to be a “poop only at home” kind of gal.  It’s really kind of nice for us.  Take yesterday as an example.  We were gone all day so no poop.  I knew she would need to go and had already told Geoff about my plan (which will unfold soon).  We were walking in the store and suddenly Lexi disappears behind a bra and panty display.  I hear a few familiar sounds and walk over and say “are you going Poop?”.   She looks at me and says “go away!”.  Our girl loves her privacy.  I hung out a little while and thought we had a home run.  I took her out to the car to change her… (Remember Mistake #1?) I get her outside and it was a false alarm.  So  after we left Target I went on to my master plan.  Go shopping at the OshKosh outlet store!  For some reason, our little “at home pooper” has a history of going to OshKosh with me and taking a poop as she plays at the Lego table.  The last three times we had been there we had the same experience.  YUP!  Now it’s 4!  This time, I came prepared with diapers and wipes!  The Oshkosh store for us is a good as prune juice!  LOL!

We headed home after this and the day just kept coming… I’ll try to tell the rest with pictures…

july 532

Outside the airport by the water fountain giving me the “don’t even think about taking my picture look”!

july 543

Fired up and ready to go after her nap!  Before she came to me she put her boots back on grabbed her juice and blanket and began to tease! If only I could have napped and woke up feeling as well as she did!

july 549

Stomping around acting silly in her boots. She looks like she just got off a horse for the first time!

july 550

july 551

july 552

That’s it… Photo opts are OVER!

Later Lexi tried on a new outfit that we bought in OshKosh for the fall.  I thought it was perfect because she can wear the dress now when she starts preschool and then when the weather gets cooler add the leggins.  Of course, she had to add the boots and refused to take it off and even went outside in the HEAT dressed for fall! She must have gotten over heated because then the silliness really started… She decided to make a headband out of her new Necklace that she had to have. 

july 556

Still refusing any more photos…

july 558

In the midst of a big “NOooooooo pictures!”

july 561

But she would smile for her Sissy Sara!

july 562

And back to the sillies again!

july 565

july 566

And as I said earlier… she’s into not letting us put on pj’s including the new ones SHE picked out today… so guess what she is asleep wearing right now?  You got it… the new preschool outfit!  How did we ever manage without this little bundle of joy!


sfennell said...

I don't know..I sure love to read/hear those stories. LOVE the outfit.

Stephe said...

LOVE the story, GREAT photos and I'm DYING over the polka dot dress!!! Stephe