Thursday, July 01, 2010

Kai-Lan Love

Well, she’s done it again!  Switched her favorite show from Caillou to nihao Kai-Lan.  Today Lexi had a dentist appointment for a check up.  Despite the enamel problems with her teeth, there were no problems or signs of decay.  Great News!  In January we will go back and they will clean her teeth for the first time.  I may need a sedative that day.  She really hates the dentist.  We switched to a different children’s dentist and I do like this place a lot better.  They have a HUGE staff and a wonderful setup.  She can even watch tv and listen with headphones during her cleaning. Anyhow, afterwards we headed to Toys-R-Us. Geoff wanted me to pick up her the Elmo learns to Potty video and suggested I buy her a Kai-Lan video.  We were walking through the isle and I told her that if she saw a Kai-Lan video to tell me.  A few minutes later I hear “KAI-LAN, KAI-LAN, KAI-LAN!!!!!”  Yep, she found one.  It was “Kai-Lan’s Great Trip to China!”.  We let her watch it tonight and she was mesmerized!

This looks like a very sullen child but she definitely is NOT.  She was just engrossed!

July 003

July 008

July 010  

This is the REAL Lexi in action.

July 011

I can’t believe July is here already.  This was her LAST July 1.  Pretty Amazing difference huh?  I love comparing pictures of how much she has changed.

07 01 09 008 edited

07 01 09 002

July will be a special month for us.  Although we officially adopted Lexi in China and it has been final since then.  We are readopting in GA. so that she will have a birth certificate in English issued from the our state.  This is mostly a formality that will make it easier to put her in school, college, and any other thing that requires a birth certificate.  So we meet in the judges chambers on July 26th.  And although she is already ours, it’s going to be a special family moment for us.  This time, we’ll get pictures of us and the judge!  In China, no one was there to photograph us together with Lexi.  I’ve got to start working on what special outfit for her to wear!

And finally…

Potty Update…. she was mostly in diapers today since we were in Savannah and on the road most of the day.   When we came home she took a nap and then we put her in a pull up.  She didn’t wet but she didn’t go in the potty either. We’re trying not to push her and if she continues to resist we will put training on hold again.  She has such great control and when she decides she’s ready I know it will be easier.


sfennell said...

Wanda, I love the 4th of July outfit!! We also went to the dentist today...must have been dentist day. Don't worry about potty will come!

Wanda, Geoff and Lexi said...

Susan I just love it when you find "Mommy" stuff for them! Most of the time it's all about Daddy!

Enjoy your trip to the beach! Wish I was coming with you!