Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Goin’ To Nana’s


Lexi hasn’t seen Mom since Saturday (4 WHOLE days!) and told me last night that I was being stingy with her. So I asked her to keep her while I do some cleaning today.  I was going to bring her this morning after I got a move one but as I told Mom we are slow in the mornings.  Mom called and said she was on her way (no waiting for me!) So when I told Lexi she was so eager to get dressed and gather her “stuff”.  She even posed willingly for a “Going to Nana’s” picture and even said “cheese!”. 

July 545

July 546

 Before she was finished she had two bags.  She calls this little Elmo garden bag her pocketbook.  It’s filled with books.  This time she was acting so silly you can almost see her tonsils!  She was so excited to go and when I strapped her in the car she told me “I going to Poppy’s house!”.

July 548

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