Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mama Never Said…

… that any of us were “lying” to her or Dad.  She ALWAYS said “storying”.  I always thought she was being nice about it as I grew up but SUDDENLY today, I GET it.  I GET that it’s much easier to accept that your child is making up a “story” verses telling you an out and out “LIE”.  I say this in jest because I know Lexi is not mentally capable of actually making up a LIE BUT she did tell us her first STORY tonight.  It’s too good not to document!  LOL!

This afternoon a typical southern summer storm rolled in.  It’s really one of the fun things about summer and like my Dad I like to watch the clouds roll in and then the heavy rains fall. That was us this afternoon but we never got the heavy rain.  I had planned to grill dinner… marinated chicken breasts, homemade veggie rice with grilled onions, zucchini, and asparagus.  Yum!  It was delicious if I say so myself but as usual Lexi finished dinner about 2 minutes after we sat down and her Dad and I had barely had a bite.  So I put her down and told her that we were still eating dinner.  That’s when mischievous Lj appeared.  She began to use her crayons to color on her kitchen center.  Her Daddy told her to put the crayons away and that she could ONLY color on her coloring book but that took a little help.  Just minutes later, as I cleaned up in the kitchen I still hear him telling her to straighten up after he had taken the crayons. By then she had decided that SOMEONE was going to hold her no matter what.  He told her he was not finished with dinner but she kept it up.  Finally, he put her in time out.  This of course brought on big crocodile tears and loud crying. 

After I finished putting the food away, I went in the living room where she was sitting and began to talk to her about her behavior.  I asked her WHY she was in time out.  She then began to tell me that she didn’t listen to Daddy and that “he spank her hine (hiney)”.  Now I WAS in the room and knew better.  I said “Daddy spanked you?” and she said “yes, blah, blah. blah… my hine!” At this point I just could not help it and had to turn away to try to hide my laughing.  I knew she was “storying”.  After listening for a few minutes Geoff said “Lexi, did Daddy spank you?” and she said “no”.  So at this point I just said, “go tell Daddy you are sorry and that you are ready to listen”.  She did exactly that and we resumed a normal evening. 

I’m not saying that Lexi does not get what we call a “spank” occasionally.  It’s our word for a pop in the thigh or hand.  Most often it is time out but sometimes only a spank will do.  BUT where she decided to tell me that she got a spank is beyond me.  It was funny and interesting at the same time.  It begs us to wonder if telling stories begin with innocent misinterpretations of young brains.  At this point, given it IS OUR daughter doing the “storying”, I prefer to think she just had a brief misinterpretations or else we may be dealing with DFACS one day! Let’s hope this is not going to be “habit”!  LOL!

Now for some random cuteness…

Yes, Mom I CAN dress myself!”

july 654

july 656 

july 658

Never mind that the neck of the pj top is now all stretched out!

july 667

Planting project finally beginning to “grow”.

july 679

Who loves “Kai-Lan”?

july 689

Ready for dinner…. Lexi style!  Finished two minutes later!


Stephe said...

Awe, sounds like our household except minus the "storying". G has gotten her hiney spanked and if she decides to broadcast it well, she better also tell WHY!!! So far, she's a truth teller. All the other daycare moms look to her to find out who the hitter/biter/or daily mean kid is! Just ask her was there anyone that wasn't nice today and be prepared for the play by play. Giggle.
I know you said that LJ is hard to photograph smiling but you seem to catch a lot of GREAT ones!!! What is your trick????

Wanda, Geoff and Lexi said...

Stephe, that is so funny! Honesty is a great quality! My mom told me that the next time she "storys" I should put her in time out. LOL! The problem was that she WAS in time out!

To get smiling pictures, I take gazillions and chase her around the house. She is sort of getting use to the standard pose by the front door one but I can't seem to get her to not put her fingers on her cheeks when she says "cheese". It's a battle! She looks so serious sometimes and other times she flatly refuses to look at me! We definitely have a power struggle going on in our house!