Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Official Again!

I’ve been out of town with Lexi on a “girls” beach trip with my sister.  We came home late Saturday night to be joined on Sunday by Geoff’s parents and his Aunt Neaners.   Yesterday, we all got dressed up and headed to the courthouse for the re-adoption in Ga.  It was very quick and easy but it meant so much to us to share this last formality with family.  Afterwards we headed to the local deli and had breakfast together.  It was so nice to have everyone with us.  We were alone in China so it felt as if we were sharing the experience with them all over again.  The judge asked us some of the same questions they asked us in China.  At one point mom told the judge that there was plenty of family that loved Lexi and would make sure she was taken care of.  That’s for sure!


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mhsands said...

I know that meant a lot to all of you! Very special moment indeed! Awwww...I know Jay (he's from Claxton).

sfennell said...

Oh Wanda...I cried...two times you got me today! I'm hopeless!

John and Dell said...

Congrats!!! I know this was such a special time...and so glad there were so many family members with you - that makes it even MORE special!!!!! :)

Kathy said...

Wanda, Great pictures. Everyone look really good. Lexi has gotten so big. Congratulations! We still have to do Emma's. Hopefully real soon.