Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Potty training is evil…

This morning I had to leave Lexi with Mom for my annual physical.  I brought her plenty of clothes to change into and had mom prepared to potty train.  Lexi did well with her for the most part.  She peed on the potty and had one accident.  Then she went to bed for a nap and wet all over the crib.  No worries… So I take her home and begin the potty vigil. I swear if I had so much control and could capitalize on it, I’d be a very RICH woman. 

While I was away,  I bought her a new “kini” along with a $10.00 froggie cup (on clearance of course!) I brought her home and immediately began the potty vigil.  We took the potty outside and then to the living room and then to the bathroom.  I’m telling you our girl can “HOLD” it!  I told her that the new cup was for either the table or the potty.  I wish I could say it helped but no…. we have a very stubborn child in need of being in control.  She may be 15 before she is fully trained.

Here’s the new baby doll sitting on her potty chair.  Not so bad from this angle. 

June 164

But from this angle she looks like the spawn of “Chuckie” (but hey, I got her from a consignment store at half price!)

June 165 \June 171

So later I tried to convince her to pee-pee for  a “juice bribe”.  Apparently, I stink at Potty training even more than I thought!  Here she is trying on  her a new “kini”.  It’s too cute! Frogs and polka dot kinis…. such a treat! 

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