Sunday, March 14, 2010

Baking St. Patrick’s Day Cookies and Picking on Daddy!

Children make us appreciate everything anew!  I don’t remember how long it has been since I made St. Patty’s Day cookies but today I decided since I didn’t manage to get cookies to Geoff’s office for Christmas we would try for St. Patrick’s Day. I usually bake Geoff’s secretary her own batch but this year I’m a “new'” mom and she is just going to have to fend for herself with the rest of them.  (sorry Shannon… but I do take bribes… gap or Gymboree cards are a GREAT start! LOL!) I ruined one batch by browning them too long… still taste good though!  During one break in baking today Daddy went to town to get more baking supplies and dinner ingredients and while he was gone I took Lj outside for some fun.  While she played I decided to clean the pollen-dust-spiderweb infested porch!  At one point I put her swing that her sweet Aunt Carolyn bought her last summer on the ground of the porch as I cleaned up the table on the porch.  The next thing I know Lexi is sitting in her swing… THIS was too good to pass up…

LJ 494

Yes, she is eating a cookie and Sable is definitely wanting a bite!  So… I guess IF Lexi’s daddy doesn’t soon get her swing hung up so that she can USE it before she is too old I will have to call upon Melissa’s Trace for some GBI reinforcements!  I’ll even bake him an entire batch of cookies and let HIM hide them from my sweet Melissa!

On another note… as I finished baking a second batch of cookies tonight, Geoff and Lexi began to watch Beauty and the Beast (Geoff’s favorite Disney movie!).  He  was a little disappointed that she was not as smitten with it as she is Snow White!   Perhaps she is an “old soul” like her father…. 1930’s…. and that’s a whole new topic for another time!

But just look how delicious those cookies are… compliments Lj style!

 LJ 510LJ 511 She really likes the icing much better than the “coo-coo” as she calls it!




mhsands said...

That's exactly how I look when eating those famous coo-coos!

Carolyn Smiley said...

At least she is FINALLY getting some use out of her swing!!! LOL

Wanda, Geoff and Lexi said...

I need a GBI agent! I need a hero!! (That's totally an 80's reference to Footloose!)