Saturday, March 06, 2010

Believe it or not it was a LONG Saturday!

Saturdays usually fly by!  Not today though!  Morning came too early and Geoff headed off to work before Lj or I got up.  About 7:30 am I heard her screaming for "Mama! Mama!" and then when I didn't move fast enough "Dada! Dada!".  I got up and crept in her room as she was talking with her crib companions.  After I took her out of the crib, we sat in the floor and played with all the different toys in her room.  Finally we headed to eat some breakfast and then just laid low most of the morning.  We decided to go have lunch with "DaDa" and headed to Savannah about noon.  We ate at Fuddruckers and then Lj and I took off to do some shopping.  The thing  am not mentioning is that this was SEVERELY a disruption in her daily routine.  After shopping for a few things, I made the best decision ever to forgo more shopping and just fly by Target on the way out of Savannah.  I love Target!  We find so many cute things there.  I bought Lj a few things for summer and for Easter and then we left.  That's when the beast appeared... the beast of no regular nap (just a little shut eye on the way to Savannah).  We finally got home and she was the Queen BEAST.  I warned Geoff before he got home that if he touched the "tar baby" she was his!  Let's just say I warned him! 

However, the beast tamed after dinner and we all settled in for the night.  I don't think I've mentioned that we just switched telephone, internet and tv service to an all in one so we are still in the process of figuring it all out.  Well somehow, we tuned into ABC Family channel and SNOW WHITE came on!  Lexi just was memorized and I sat down to watch the original Disney movie with her.  I was HORRIFIED at the graphic frightening things on the TV... she was entertained ( perhaps just like WE were as young children!).  After each commercial break Lexi would go crazy signing and saying "more, more, more" over and over. 

I tried to capture part of her new found love of Snow White and her lack of patience for commercials.  The pictures aren't that great but they do demonstrate her emotions! 


Watching… and then comes commercials …


I swear that if as she grows up “boys” upset her this much, I’ll be in jail after having bought myself a big ole shot gun!  She finally agreed to go to bed but we were just amazed at how much she loved such an old movie! 


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Carolyn Smiley said...

Guess Aunt Carolyn will be looking for that movie next time I am out shopping!