Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Future Photographer?

Yesterday while we were at the hairdresser, Lexi was a bit out of sorts and wanted to be picked up.  I brought Richard along with me to entertain her but she mostly wasn’t having that.  She knows how to control a situation!  This is what I saw at my knees (later followed by fake tears and crying just a good as any actress ever!) ….


At one point, I gave her the camera to keep her busy.  Richard took her outside and she took all kinds of pictures.  She came in and too even more.  She took over 200 pictures!  Most of them were of the ground, her nose or her lips!  I was amazed that she managed to actually take a few good ones.  Maybe she’ll be teaching Mommy about the camera one day!  Here are a few good ones.





Not bad huh?  Maybe I should get her to take my daily picture for the 365 project!

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