Friday, March 19, 2010

Language Explosion!!!!! Updated with Pictures

Gracious, where did our Lexi go??  All of a sudden we NEVER know what to expect to come out of Lexi’s mouth.  Yesterday it was a response to my question “ do you want some French Fries?”.  “No, thank you.” was not expected.  We’ve been hearing things like… “come on, I’m waiting!”… “You’re welcome”, “thank you”,

Today as Geoff came home Lexi was anxious as usual to go meet her Daddy.  I unlocked the door and let her out as she proceeded to run to him.  As they walked to the door she said, “ come on in!”.  Just a short while later after she finished dinner and Geoff offered her a yogurt smoothie she replied “shake it up!”

Listening to her speak in complete sentences is just amazing!  Everyday is an adventure!  I was talking to Mom about it tonight and she just said that we were all taking turns not missing a thing.  Geoff and I see it at night and over the weekends and they see it during the day.  Lexi especially teases my dad during the day pretending to be surprised as he teases her back.  It’s just such a joy to see the affect she has on not just US but all of our family.

I will post some pictures from today… but be prepared, they will be of her in her St. Patty’s day dress yet another day!  LOL! She truly loves that dress! But it will get washed tomorrow!!  Needless to say, Mom is making a new one already and this one will have a pocket as a result of Lexi asking her today for a pocket on her dress!  Had I not witnessed it, I would have never believed it.  But she wanted a pocket on her dress!  She likes pockets for her dollar bills that we give her!

LJ 039

LJ 044

 And this mess… happened on DADDY’s watch!  We usually keep the door to the toy room closed and bring out different toys at different times.  Sometimes she plays in the room if one of us (usually Geoff) are on the Mac computer.  Needless to say… it’s a MESS! Could be time for a toy sale!

LJ 054

LJ 057


mhsands said...

Who wouldn't love pockets? :) I love to hear her little voice... so sweet! (Hey, I read one WITHOUT pictures -- gold star for me)!

Wanda, Geoff and Lexi said...

I'll give you a bunch of stars on Monday! And Lexi will be asking for lots of dollar bills for her pockets! LOL!

Mike and Rhonda said...

Hey I have on pockets right now! AT least two......send the dollar bills this way. I like the bills with 2 and 3 digits.