Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday, Sunday…

Aren’t Sunday’s bittersweet?  They are our Lord’s Day, the last day of the weekend, the first day of the week and for us way too short!  This morning Geoff went to work and I took Lexi to church.  She really had a great time in the nursery and I can’t wait for her to be able to move to the 2 year old class next school year.  I had nursery duty so I am well above the changing diapers quota for my day!  I changed 8 in little over an hour.  I HOPE I did a better job with the others than I did on my own child!  On the way to our car, I noticed she was grabbing at her dress and I thought she said “pee pee”.  I was thinking… yea!  Maybe she is getting ready to start telling me she has to go.  NO!  just a few short steps after that her diaper FELL off!  LOL!  The dress she was wearing was long and had no bloomers so off when the diaper and Lexi’s Uncle Richard stepped on it! 

She was so cute in her little dress that I wanted a picture when we got home and boy did she make me work for it!  Yesterday’s cooperative little Lexi was gone!  Instead it was a game. 

LJ 078

Yea… she’s in there you just have to look hard!

LJ 086

Running ….

LJ 090 

Bribing… (she’s usually not allowed to stand on the bricks of the fireplace)

LJ 077

And finally posing while eating!  No wonder I needed a nap more than she did!!

LJ 092

After her nap, she redressed herself and for once didn’t make me beg to hard to get this shot.  I just wish the bunny bow that Aunt Carolyn bought her showed up better!  Geoff and I took her grocery shopping.  Geoff usually tackles that while I stay home with Lexi.  Just let me say, that’s not a bad idea at all!  She is quite the handful in a store and the more independent she gets the less she will stay in the cart.  Yes, she jumps out and latches on to your neck and giggles like crazy.  Never a dull moment!


Mike and Rhonda said...

You made me laugh out loud here at teh house by myself! Well HG is here.

mhsands said...

How funny! Did Richard have a fit?

Carolyn Smiley said...

Today is the first time since Wednesday!! that my internet has been working. The ONLY problem with that is I haven't been able to see my sweet adorable Lexi! Britt had a softball tournament this weekend so I couldn't even go by to see her. I am missing out on too much!! I love her sooooo much. I have got to make time one day this week to come see her.