Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Blankie Queen

LJ 059

As soon as I came in the door to get Lexi this afternoon, I KNEW… I knew I was in for it.  She had the “LOOK”… the clingy look.  Then Mom confirmed it by telling me I best be prepared that she had woken up from her nap like this.  It’s strange.  These clingy days come out of no where and are hard to figure out why.  She is cutting her two year molars on the top but so far they don’t really seem to bother her.  But when she is like this, she is content to sit in your lap and watch tv or read.  Don’t dare try to put her down or leave the room.  And when I do have to this is what happens… instant attachment to the blankie. One time I got up to get something to drink and she ran behind me and swatted me on the leg.  I just turned around and got on her level and told her that she is not allowed to hit.  So far no more of that…. bedtime is near.


Amy said...

Our Dongguan daughter has been home for 2 years 7 months and we STILL have times like this. I have put it down to bad dreams...memories of the orphanage/foster care/etc.
It is hard though.

Hang in there!


mhsands said...

Sometimes I wish Matthew would be a little clingy... notice I said sometimes... hugs!