Monday, March 22, 2010

Taming the Terrible Two’s is Traumatic!

When I think of the term “terrible twos”, I know it’s based on hundreds of thousands of little kids who have done the same things at this stage in their life.  That is comforting…. to a point.  The happiest parts of my day are waking up to Geoff and then Lexi, picking up Lexi from Mom’s , when Geoff comes home and believe it or not putting Lj to bed. I find it so special to say goodnight to the “goodnight” wall, give kisses, hugs, and high fives, then saying prayers and rocking.  It’s all priceless.

Lexi is pretty energetic and happy but then days like today crop up and I wonder who stole my child and when they are bringing her back!  I asked Mom how she did today and Mom said that she was great all day!!  Then afternoon comes and we go home! For lack of a better word, she was just “ill”.  Crying over every little thing (can’t get her shoe on just right, didn’t want to go get a diaper but didn’t want me to either, didn’t want to take off her sweater, got mad because she found a pair of sandals from last summer and they didn’t fit… on and on and on) By the time Geoff got home I was more than READY! 

She landed in time out time after time.  From time out she screamed at us and swung her arm like she was trying to hit us.  Out of the blue she would grab her sippy cup and yell “MINE"!” when we weren’t even looking at her.  She refused to eat anything but green beans but then ended up in time out for smashing them and then throwing them across the table.  By the time bedtime rolled around I realized that I had no picture for the day.  I was just sitting in the chair exhausted from the emotional roller coaster LJ had been on.  And then Geoff asked her if she could please “say cheese” for Mommy.  And low and behold just like the sweetest thing she can be she posed and said “cheese”!  I wasn’t even ready so I had to get her to repeat it.  So amazingly the Terrible Two Monster must have returned our darling before her bedtime.

Now does this look like the face of a child that could possibly do all the things I described above??  She is pointing to her cheeks because that is how she says “cheese”.  The funny thing is when she wants to eat cheese, she makes these motions and asks for real cheese.  It’s too cute.  Same thing with ice… if she wants ice in her cup she points to her eyes and says “eyes”.  It so funny. 

LJ 094

LJ 095

And needless to say… for ME it will be an early to bed night! And my prayers will include that the weather be warmer so we can play outside and have fun and not have anymore TT time tomorrow.  LOL!

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mhsands said...

The "ice" / "eyes" is too cute!