Thursday, March 04, 2010

Project 365 February

I didn’t post these as I went this month and finally finished all the pages.  So here’s a look back on February.

WW_SSP_FTitle mine copy

WW_SSP_F1-7a mine copy

WW_SSP_F1-7b mine copy

WW_SSP_F8-14a mine copy

WW_SSP_F8-14b mine copy

 WW_SSP_F15-21a mine copy

WW_SSP_F15-21b mine copy

WW_SSP_F22-28a mine copy

WW_SSP_F22-28bmine copy

WW_SSP_FMisc1 mine copy

WW_SSP_FSummary mine copy

1 comment:

mhsands said...

Okay, you have been holding out on me! These are sooooo stink'n cute! I love ALL your pic choices! Girl, I don't want to hear anything else about not getting good pics! When u have to take pics of chips, we'll talk! LOL!