Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lexi the Sou-Chef!

Today was 2010 Furlough Day #3!  I was glad in the long run because I had a very long night NOT sleeping.  Lexi made sure I was up at a decent hour since she has no problem yelling “Mama! Mama!” We went grocery shopping and she napped.  Eventually I began dinner.  I decided that since I was off I would cook one of Geoff’s favorites.  Its one of those meals that when you do have it, you always say “this is so sinfully good, no wonder we don’t have it often!”.  Of course making homemade bread crumbs, chopping, grating and peeling fresh ingredients are part of it! So this afternoon Lj and I made Garlic shrimp with linguine and toasted French baguettes. 

Lexi helped butter the toast…

LJ 559

Can you tell which ones she “sampled”???

LJ 562 

As she did her part I worked on mine…

LJ 557

LJ 558

LJ 563

LJ 566

The end result was D*E*L*I*C*0*U*S! Served with Lj’s toast and some linguine…. just let me say it’s sinfully delicious! And Lexi really enjoyed herself!  I look forward to many Mommy-daughter dinners!

LJ 565

 LJ 564

LJ 569 

LJ 567


Wanda, Geoff and Lexi said...

By the way the shine on her cheeks are from the butter that even Paula Dean would approve of! Makes it southern good!

sfennell said...

Okay..I want this recipe. It looks awesome!

Wanda, Geoff and Lexi said...

I'll sure share it with you! It's delish!!!

mhsands said...

I so could eat that bread!

Brandi said...

Cooking with our daughters is so much fun!

Do share the recipe...please??? It looks DELISH!!!!