Monday, March 08, 2010

She sooooo has our number!

Oh my!  We are in so much trouble!  For the last week or so Lexi has shown more manipulative signs.  She won’t let me put her in the car to go home (Daddy, Mom, Richard will do but NOT me).  Only Geoff can put her in the car when I leave to take her to Mom’s…. you get it… Lexi has her way.  For the last two nights as we go through our nighttime routine she stops short at giving whoever is NOT putting her to bed at giving them a kiss.  Then as the other rocks her to sleep, guilt sinks in at her then begging to get that last kiss goodnight and yes, we send her back out the room to get the kiss.  She’s so much smarter than either of us! 

Here’s a picture of her baby… I figured it would have to do for tonight since the little manipulator would not look at the camera!  She really didn’t want me taking her baby’s picture either as you can see from her running to grab her from me!  We must make a better effort to gain back the control in the house!

LJ 220


John and Dell said...

AHAHA - when you get control, let me know how you did it...we need some help too!!!

mhsands said...

Been there, lived that.

Wanda, Geoff and Lexi said...

So Melissa I'm hoping you are telling me I will survive it as well! LOL!

Dell... YOU have double trouble! LOL! But they are adorable little guys!