Friday, March 12, 2010

Realizing Dreams

We’ve not really thought of watching full length movies with Lexi until this week when she accidently discovered Snow White.  Well this afternoon, I decided to see what was on our DVD shelf knowing that during the wait we bought several Disney Classics.  I found Cinderella.  I have not watched it in MANY years so it was almost like watching it for the first time. Lexi and I curled up on the couch and began to watch the movie.  She was mesmerized for the entire movie and after it was over she said and signed “more, more, more, more!”.  Later on I remembered that I had also bought her a Cinderella costume at Disney right after our referral.  So I found it packed in a plastic crate in her closet and we dressed her up.  What a pretty Princess she was!   I also had bought the magic wand and crown.  She was fascinated by the wand especially and then as glitter from the dress came off on her that amazed her as well.

We went for a short tricycle ride and then came inside but when her daddy came home she ran out behind him in her Cinderella dress and surprised him.  He was so tickled and she was the perfect little princess.  I wish my pictures were better but then again… this is a two year old who avoids looking at the camera!

LJ 291


LJ 284

LJ 299

LJ 307

LJ 321

LJ 322

Also a first… eating a plum!   Lexi thought it was yummy!

LJ 331

Not Princess manners but silliness that makes a Daddy proud!


Carolyn Smiley said...

Tooo cute!

John and Dell said...

SOOO cute - my little Baylor tried a plum for the first time this week as well!!!!!

mhsands said...

I still haven't tried plums...

Tracy said...

That's funny! We can't relate to the princess look around here since that isn't AC's thing! I can relate more to the chicken leg hanging from the mouth! Loved all the different pictures!