Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patrick’s Day Style Day 2

Okay, it is QUITE possible that we have a replacement favorite dress for the one Angela gave Lexi at Christmas.  I had to work late tonight for PTO and picked Lj up from mom already dressed and ready for bed.  The second she walked in and found her dress from yesterday, she began asking, begging, pleading for me to put it on her.  So I caved and put it on.  She became a very happy Lexi indeed!  I tried to get some more pictures in it since last night I was disappointed in the number of pictures I got in it of her yesterday… well…. she’s just not a good photography subject lately and I didn’t get anything really cute still!  Bummer!

LJ 028

Eating her Viiiittttamin! Why does she just have to give me that “sad” look when I pull out the camera!  I promise she is a happy girl!  Gotta love the pj’s paired with the dress!

LJ 026 

I did get this picture of her after she stole her Daddy’s Micky-D’s drink.

LJ 034

And helping Daddy get a drink!  Making him laugh as usual!

LJ 035

I got so tickled with her on the way home tonight.  I asked her if she wanted some French fries (secretly hoping it could be dinner for me) and much to my surprise she answered very clearly “no, thank you”.  I thought I must be hearing wrong so I asked again.  Same thing.  “No, thank you!”.  I’m very pleased with our daughters budding politeness.  Then after Geoff got home she was pushing past Sable and said “excuse me”.  Gracious!  Geoff and I must certainly be doing a great job showing her how to be polite!  It’s too cute hearing these words from a 2 year old!


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