Monday, March 08, 2010

My Heart Goes out...

to a woman I've never met... Joannah. I found her blog via blog I read a few weeks ago. Her story began as a single woman determined to adopt a Chinese orphan just like we did. Along the way she fell in love with the love of her life and stopped the adoption and got married to Michael. They were married a little over two short years. During the time they were married, they tried IVF once and were disappointed with the outcome but before they could even recover from that disappointment, he was diagnosed with kidney cancer. During his illness he accepted Christ and together they faced the inevitable basking in the glory of our God. He was released from his battle yesterday. She posted today and the only word I could begin to think of was how much my heart ached for the both of them. I swear this is not made up ... but when I went to post my comment of support to her, the word verification I had to type in was "aches". I feel this is just one more way the Lord reveals himself to us. Support to those left behind by little signs abound.

I can't help but think about how after my miscarriage after our IVF Geoff accepted Christ and became baptized. I can't help but think of how our lives change when we meet the love of our life and how the desire for family brings us to so many unexpected places. In my heart, I believe Joannah's journey brought her to exactly where she was supposed to be but yet my heart does ache for her and I just pray that time will heal her heart and that she will be blessed with the miracle of being a mother someday.


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