Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Baby Shower Highlights and Updates...

What a day! Today I had a baby shower at school! The love we were shown was overwhelming! (I do not have pictures yet but will post as many as possible that do not show me in tears! LOL!) Everything was wonderful from the food to the wonderful people to the precious gifts they chose for our daughter!

Most people who know me know that being the center of attention is not my style but I have to say I enjoyed the afternoon (until the part where I lost my keys!). I came away thinking that we should all find ways everyday to let others know how much they are loved and appreciated. Believe me, Lexi will be loved by so many! She will bless our lives and bring so much enjoyment!

I opened gifts for what seemed forever and we appreciate every single one! I cried as I told everyone how much I appreciated everyone sharing in this special time in our lives and how much their support meant to me over the past 3 1/2 years. Then I pulled it together to eat some very good petite fours and snacks! Then I began to open presents! Each gift was precious. Looking back some of the things I remember the most were the cards... one that had little baby toes on it (oh, how I love baby fingers and toes!! and another with an adoption saying about how the baby was born in our hearts... you can only imagine that made me cry! I'll admit it ... I'm a cry baby! My heart feels so deeply in so many ways!) Everyone had such well wishes and just literally showered us with precious gifts for Lexi. I was a great day full of blessings! Just knowing that you have such a great group of people to work with that care so much is just one great blessing! (I will post pictures later complete with the little Mary Jane socks that Melaine gave us!)

After the shower, I drove my car around to the front of the school and parked. Walked in the front door walked no more than 40 steps and grabbed a handful of stuff and walked to my car. Sounds pretty Normal but then this is me! As soon as I opened the door, my car went crazy sounding a very LOUD alarm!!! My car keys were gone! Why the alarm went off was a mystery! We searched and searched and still no keys. We tried to look through all the bags and packages but no luck. Finally I gave up Sara brought me home while my brother Richard looked over the car full of baby stuff, my computer, and purse. We found extra keys and returned. Only tonight after going through all the bags did we find the keys! This is just my luck! LOL!

Geoff loved looking through all the bags and boxes and discovering all the things we received. When we registered at Babies-r-Us I just gave him free-reign with the "clicker" and he made many choices! One of the shower baskets had a ton of stuff he picked out! I knew he would love it and he did! This daddy has definite ideas for his little baby girl!

And on to UPDATES....

We learned today that our i800 has been processed. We were missing one form but they emailed it to Geoff and he completed it and emailed it right back. We could not get faxed copies of the approval form so we now have travel dates of the 20th. It's one week later but will give us more time to get everything together. So our agency has informed their travel agency to begin the process of making our arrangements. Okay.... YES! I cried at this news too. I cry so easily these days. I cry about delays, I cry in anticipation of just holding our daughter, I cry with just pure anxiety. Heaven forbid! I need to get LJ so maybe, just maybe I can stop crying!

So... needless to say it was a VERY BIG DAY!


Yvonne said...

Oh I'm so excited for you!!! It is so close!! My hubby's birthday is Feb. 20 (your travel day) and my second son's birthday is Feb. 26(maybe your sweet LJ will be put in your arms that day?)

Leighann said...

Wanda, it has been so long since we last communicated. I have been following your post for a while. I am so happy for you and Geoff.

Shannon said...

What a fun, emotional shower. The lost keys only will add to the story to tell your sweet lil one! =)