Thursday, February 12, 2009

The packing has begun!

We have tickets! We ended up flying Continental out of Jacksonville which was not our first choice. Continental is fine, it's the drive BACK from Jacksonville in the middle of the night! But it was cheaper than Savannah... WAY worth the extra driving time! Poor Geoff has been searching for flight prices since Tuesday! He finally found one that seemed to be the best we could do so we took it! So this weekend I will have us packed and weighed! The table above has mostly LJ clothes to choose from, gifts for caregivers, and travel size stuff for all of us. I've got piles in our room too of our clothes.

Our biggest problem has been our I800 form! We have TWO now! And both have LJ's name wrong on them. Mei from our agency has been great working with us to get it straightened out. I have no doubt it will be resolved before we leave! (Yikes! I has to be!) I have a Dr. appt. tomorrow to get meds for the trip. With my allergies, I will need plenty of antibiotics, allergy meds, and prednisone. I also have a call in to LJ's pediatrician. I want to get advice for her as well as find out what formula we should have on hand once we get home.

My lesson plans are done... my sub has been scheduled and I've met him and know he will do an awesome job... so the last minute details just are rolling in...

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