Friday, February 20, 2009

Getting Closer!

Today has been a busy day. I'm so happy I decided to begin my family leave today! I had a very restless night and just didn't wake up feeling rested at all. Geoff was the same. He was up and down and finally a little before 4:00, he decided to get on up and go to work. As soon as he comes home, we will be heading to Jacksonville for the night. Our flight leaves early and we didn't want to get up at 2 AM to get ready and leave, plus we didn't want to leave our car at the airport for 2 weeks so Mom and Dad are going to drive us down tonight.

I met my sister early this morning for breakfast and then we headed over to the bank. Her small hometown bank... whom I will be writing a thank you note to upon our return. Last night Carolyn and I sat down and started going through our money for the trip only to realize that there were way too many unclean bills. Geoff and I have tried banks all over the place looking for good bills and each bank had the same story... "we'll do the best we can". Well, Carolyn's bank just took the money I had and went to their vault and exchanged it for good bills. The others would just tell us that they don't get new bills because people take them to foreign countries. So that was a huge relief! We were bracing for a long day of "bank-bouncing" looking for good bills. I was able to go to the board of education and take care of some paperwork, go by the grocery store and by Wal Mart and be home fairly quick.

Once I got home, I have been doing laundry, messing around with the packing last minute stuff and organ zing for the trip. I'm running out of things to do so I hope my dear hubby will be home soon. My nerves were a bit frazzled earlier but being home by myself and having some quiet down-time is helping. I'm ready for Geoff to get on home now though so that Mom and Dad can drive us to FL. Tomorrow... we will finally fly to China! Just 6 days shy of 3 years to the day of when we were LID.


mimi's mommy said...

God Speed and God Bless all of you. Your day has finally arrived. I can't wait to finally see her picture. We'll keep you in our prayers. Give Lexi a great big hug and kiss from us!

The Reeds,
Carol, Bill and Emily Rose

Linda said...

Hope you will be blogging from China, Can't wait to see You and Lexi together. Been following your blog thru my daughters blogroll.. She is Donna of Loving Lauren... Lauren is home 4 weeks now and the change is amazing..
Safe and happy travels to you.. Linda