Sunday, February 22, 2009

Up and Among the Living!

It's Monday morning for us Beijing! (Where did Sunday go!!!LOL!!!) It's funny, we finally can say we "flew into the future!". One the way over we went over Canada, Greenland, and Russia!

When going to bed at 6:00 pm, one tends to get up early! The first time last night was about 12:30. The room was so warm! Finally during the night Geoff had to open the window back up to give me so cooler air. The heat tends to irritate my sinus even more! Only this morning did we discover we actually could turn the heat down. Our guide told us it was set by the hotel so we never bothered to try.

We were up at 4:00AM and quickly saw family waiting for us on Skype. It worked pretty good until I tried to talk to my sister in NC. Then it decided to cut up. We had to talk to Geoff's parents on their land line as they were having problems with their Internet going up and down due to weather. It was great to get to talk to everyone and even see their faces. My sister Carolyn has turned into me and has teared up and cried more than I have. LOL! That's a role reversal! I can't wait to see everyone's face when they get a look at LJ on Skype! Heck... I can't wait to get a look at LJ! I am looking forward to touring but really can't hardly stand waiting and knowing that tomorrow is our Lexi-J Day!

We went to breakfast and it was really, really nice. It's definitely different from our traditional American meals but was very good with plenty to choose from. We did learn one thing. We went to get a little more and when we came back someone else was sitting at our table! They move quickly here! Everyone cleans up around you so quickly! The hotel is even spotless! I watched women wander around in pairs actually wiping up dust behind each other! I would challenge anyone to find a speck of dust in the hotel lobby.

We have a big day of sight seeing today and I don't think we will be back in the room until after dinner. We will be taking plenty of pictures! I'll be one with the red nose, red eyes, and watering eyes!


Shannon said...

Between the anticipation of LJ and your allergies it's gonna be a heck of a few days! Hope you get to enjoy the touring a little bit. Not much longer til your little darling is finally in your arms! =)

monica said...

Can't wait to see the pictures of your Gotcha day! Such a great time in your lives. Love, Monica