Monday, February 02, 2009

Maybe so??? Hope so!

We got a call today from our agency. We might can STILL leave on the 13th (YIKES! THAT'S NEXT WEEK!)but we are still waiting on that darn I800 form. If we knew for sure we'd have it in hand, we'd already have flight arrangements. But we continue to wait. I swear I started shivering when she asked if we could still leave next week. (I think it was the actual words NEXT WEEK!) We could so easily be ready but I guess we will wait it out a few more days and see what happens. We about decided that if we can't get good word by middle of the week, we may as well just ask for them to plan for us to go on the 20th.

We better go get our car seat this weekend! We may need it soon! Geoff put a closet organizer up in LJ's room yesterday so that's another thing down! We also have an assortment of clothes to pack for LJ in the study. I'll probably pack our stuff this weekend!

Tomorrow I'm having a shower at school and then on Friday, Geoff's office is throwing us one. I'll be sure to get some pictures.

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