Sunday, February 22, 2009

Greetings From Beijing!

We are here! We are tired and worn out but HERE! We've been in our room at the Wangfujing Grand Hotel for less than an hour. The flight was long!!!! I tried to sleep as much as possible but it was difficult. Sleep just gave in to pure exhaustion when it did happen. We were lucky to have an extra seat in our row of three so I used my heavy coat to help with seatbelt "humps" and was able to lay my head in Geoff's lap and sleep once. I watched three chick flicks on the way there. Geoff pretty much channel surfed. It was great to have our own screen in front of us. The meals they served were decent and we did our very best to drink water all day. It's weird though, we both feel swollen with fluid. Geoff even took off his wedding ring because his hands were swelling. I thought drinking plenty of water would eliminate that but I guess not.

We arrived here with my allergies in high gear! I've taken meds on and off all day and even doubled up on them and still am stuffy with really red irritated eyes. Our guide made sure we had a non-smoking room to help. I know it sounds awful but with my sinus' bothering me so bad, we opted to skip dinner tonight. We really are fine. We have water and a few snacks and if we need food we can get something from room service. I just feel a bit guilty for not soaking up everything I can about China. Geoff was fine with that as he has not had more than 4 hours of sleep any night since about Tuesday.

We are looking forward to touring tomorrow. We have a complete day! We begin with the Forbidden City and throughout the day will go to a Jade factory, bird's nest, and Great Wall. It should be exciting. It's cold here but not too bad. The room is so warm, we asked them to open the window to get some cool air in. That helps my sinus' a lot.

All day, we have just almost had to pinch ourselves to believe we were actually on our way.


Anonymous said...

I am so EXCITED to finally hear from you! (seems like forever!!!!) I have slept or tried to sleep with this computer by my bed on the nightstand with skype on and this website up all nite just in case.....the darn thing timed out! Anyway glad ya'll made it safely and can't wait to talk to you!! LOve you guys. Carolyn

hiltonsheadeast said...

Woo hoo!! You are there. We are so excited for you guys. Hi Wanda and Geoff in China. :) Mommy and Daddy are coming, Lexi !!


Lily said...

OH,Welcome, you will have a great feeling tour in China, have fun, don't forget to eat different Chinese food:)
and write your China story to us is great to share with others!
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Shirley said...

I am glad to hear you two are finally in China!! Enjoy your tours.Continue to update us we are soo excited for Lexi, she is really lucky to have the love, you two have for her already:) Can't wait to see her! love Shirley

Leighann said...

Unbelievable. After such a long wait, your are finally there. This is awesome news! Hope time goes by fast, until you get your loving arms around your little girl.
Love, Leighann

Anonymous said...

we love you two its time now to go and get our granddaughter,we cant wait to see her on skype.give her a hug for

Anonymous said...

This is just wonderful news!! Wanda I know you and Geoff have had a very long wait for this to happen. I wish all the best for you, Geoff and Alexi. When you get home I will need to make a special trip to Hinesville to see your wonderful new familly member.

Love, Sharon