Saturday, February 07, 2009

Getting Ready...

I'm not the only one nesting... here is Geoff's latest accomplishment ~

Tonight he put together our new table... nothing expensive... Martha Stewart from KMart for $300! I looked and looked for a kitchen table and liked this one over even more expensive furniture shops... plus it fit the adoption bill!

Here's the old table from the kitchen...

This is WHY we felt we should get a new set. We had bar stool height table, which we loved by the way! Geoff's Grandmother bought it for us and we have just loved it but with a baby on the way... we'd like to feed her in the kitchen without worrying that she climb in the tall chairs and fall! Our nephew, Josh, once climbed in one of the chairs and scared me to death! Josh by the way, IS the reason we have gone down this long road to baby Lexi. We kept him for my neice after he was born and both of us got baby-fever that was incurable! He is such a cool little kid that is now in Kindergarten. Amazing how long it has taken but so well worth it!

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