Thursday, February 19, 2009

Last Family Night W/O Lexi

Tonight was a celebration... I invited my family that live here over for pizza. I just wanted to be with everyone one more time before leaving for China. We had a great time. Everyone is so excited about Lexi. I've never seen anything like it! My sister can't even talk about Lexi without tearing up! I still do the same but have gotten better. Mom surprised us with an extra special treat! She bought Lexi the most beautiful pink Strasburg dress! It's always been mom's tradition to give the grandbabies an outfit to wear home from the hospital. Lexi won't be coming from the hospital but she will be wearing her very special dress! Just wait until you see her in it in the pictures! She also gave us a very special card that meant the world to me! Geoff has been finalizing things at work so he was late getting in but he did get to see everyone and got a little sugar from Brennen. Just two more sleeps until we leave! We'll see just how much sleep we get!! Now off to bed to try...

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