Thursday, February 12, 2009


What does this????

And THIS have in common???
UPS Delivery!

I've been subdued this week until yesterday! I was just exhausted and even though I was very happy to know we are actually going, I was just tired. I kept wondering when I would feel like myself again.

I left school yesterday knowing that Geoff was close to making final travel plans and went by the grocery store with 6 new Chinese recipes that I want to try! (you know... got to learn some authentic recipes to make for LJ as I do want her to grow up knowing her Chinese heritage!) So I bought some ingredients and came home and spent about an hour checking emails! Then I started dinner. I was making my version of Asian Beef with Snow Peas served on rice when the dogs started doing their normal cut up routine and barking like crazy nuts! My sister was on the phone with me telling me how annoying they were so I went over to the door to quiet the dogs only to discover that there was a box in the window and a UPS guy in the dark. So I opened the door and found our guy! OUR UPS GUY! Our Steve B! There in my doorway was Steve that delivered our LJ in January! I recognized him and just hugged him immediately! He was so excited! I told him I couldn't believe it was him (he was delivering our new Britax car seat!)!!! He asked me if Lexi was home yet and then told me that he had just been told this week that UPS wanted to do an employee news article about our story in their monthly newsletter. It must have been just published because he was so excited that he had told his wife and she had been on the phone telling their family all day about it! He called his wife and let me talk to her! We had a great little conversation about how special it was to both of our families! We talked about how God puts special people in our paths for a reason! Steve told me that the next time he comes to our house, he will bring his family! He also said that when he saw on the delivery schedule that we we on the list, he requested to make the delivery! We hugged, laughed, and teared up talking and then Geoff came home and it all started again! He invited Geoff to go playing golf at Hilton Head and honestly I hope they go one day even though it is obvious he is a much better golfer than Geoff from their conversation! We finally said goodbye with promises of him visiting again with his family! I came inside to a just before burned beef cooking on the stove but I finished my Asian dinner anyhow and we had the best charred beef stir-fry ever! And even better, I've unleashed that excitement again that had been squashed by waiting, disappointment, anxiety,and just play exhaustion! God sent me a sign... a beacon of light... a hope for our future and I have no doubt our local UPS guy and his family will be a part of us forever! I've never heard of anyone getting a UPS delivery of adoption paperwork... but I PROUDLY share mine with you! I needed this!

How's that for another "BROWN" Story???

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Melissa Sands said...

Well, UPS has been asking "What can brown do for you," but I bet they never would have dreamed up your story! I just love it!