Saturday, February 14, 2009

Skype and Airport Details

We will be using Skype in China so if you have a Skype account and would like to try to talk with us there, please email us your information at I talked with Stephe when she was there with Giorgia. It was awesome and we even got a sneak peak her at her little Princess. I'm sure it will nice to hear some familiar voices when we are so far away. We'll use the Skype settings to let you know if we are online and if so, give us a try. If we don't answer that will just let you know we are both tied up for some reason and maybe try again later. We are taking Geoff's computer with the built in mic and cam so hopefully we can show you what you really want to see! Lexi!

Also, we are coming into the Jacksonville airport. The arrival time is 11:18 PM. I know this is late and very inconvenient from home but we totally welcome those of you who want to greet us at the airport. Just know that we will be tired and can't be sure of the mood or disposition Lexi will be in. We are really hoping she is a go with the flow kind of gal like her Daddy and will want to give out hugs and kisses. Just know we are going to ease her into the family using her ques. I'm sure everyone will understand. I know Mom, Dad, Carolyn, Brittney, Richard, and Sara will be there. I tried to tell them it was okay to not go but they have said that after all this time, they don't care what time of night we come in that they will be there. I just can't wait to get her home and for her meet everyone that love her so much already! We'll post our itinerary as soon as we get it.

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