Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Special Unexpected Blessings!

Babies are so special. They bring new hope for the future as well as bring out the best in many people. Some people naturally show their unique specialness and we are blessed to come in contact with so many that do. I want to share an unexpected gift to us that we got today.

I was on my way home and as I approached our house I noticed a box by the side door of our garage. This is the door no one ever knocks on and is rarely opened so I was immediately curious! I went to check and found a box with my name on the address label but yet the box looked OLD! Naturally in these days and times, I was a bit concerned and the best I could imagine was that one of the many vendors from the FL tech conference had finally really sent me 34 free mouse pads! Still ... I was confused ...

When I opened the box I saw that it was from Babies-r-us. Then I saw who it was from. Can you believe it was from our local pharmacist?? The last time I was in there, she happened to be there (she doesn't work full time since the birth of her son 6 months ago) and I shared my pictures of Lexi with her. She had referred her pediatrician to us which ended up being Brennens and ultimately the one we chose. She was so excited for us even so much that when I told her how tall and how much Lexi weighed that she went and got her son from the back room and let me hold him to "see" for myself the size Lexi will be. We talked and talked and she was just the sweetest!! I have not seen her since but had JUST left there today from buying new allergy meds to take to China and then found the much weathered package! Who knows how long it has been there!

I am just overwhelmed at her love and support of Lexi. It's people like her that renew my beliefs in the kindness of others. I've always known how special this pharmacy was and have even gone as far as to go without meds for a weekend just to let them get it for me as opposed to go to one of those commercialized pharmacies that make you wait forever! We will forever be customers and will cherish their kindness! Now I have to run... and begin to write some thank you notes to some very precious people in our lives!

P.S. This is just for LJ! Today your Daddy emailed me at work to give me the exact number of hours until Feb. 20th when we get to come get you! You've got him wrapped around your little pinky already!

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Shannon said...

So thoughtful. She sounds like a lovely lady. Geoff emailing you the number of hours made me smile. Very sweet! =)