Friday, February 27, 2009

Looking for Advice!

Lexi awoke this morning with a rash on her chest. It was bright red to begin with most likely from laying on her tummy to sleep. It is a raised rash with very tiny blisters. At first is was only in two areas but throughout the day has spread all across her chest on just below the breast bone and now is making it's way onto her neck. We finally used the only thing we had which is Children's Benadryl and gave her 1/4 teaspoon. She took a nap and then woke up upset scratching at her neck. We've kept in the room and took off her shirt because it was bothering her rash. We really don't know what to do. We are trying to locate Benadryl cream via our guide or at least something for itching. She has no fever but has had some rattling in her chest since we got her. No runny nose, just chest conjestion. They said she was getting over a cold when we got her.

We feel so helpless to treat this here. No pharmacy, no English, no Western Dr. So we are seeking advice. Right now, her Daddy is holding her, rubbing her back as she sleeps on his chest. It was the only thing that was really conforting her when she woke from her nap.

This is the rash this morning. I have not taken any pictures since but it's much worse. Click on the picture to get a closer look. I'm hoping someone can recognize this. I know it could be food allergies or any number of things.

Look at our skinny little girl!

Mom bought these little diaper bloomers for her a LONG time ago. Who knew they would come in handy when we had to strip her down. I put them on to keep her from pawing at her diaper.
Daddy Duty calls!
We are worried but not in panic mode yet. That will happen if a fever arrives. I just pray that will not happen.


mumma to many said...

Hi wanda and Geoff!
I know when kids are sick it is a nightmare!
Have you looked at this site?
it maybe of help. I would bathe Lexi and try the benedrayl but would want to monitor and probably take her to a doctor! Are there any SOS doctors near by or maybe the hotel has a dr they use? Get your guide working for you!
Let us know hugs!
Love Ruth in NZ

Wanda and Geoff said...

Ruth, we did get our guide to help. She went to two pharmacy's and got us some medicine. My sister took a look at the pictures and believes it is fungal. The cream from the pharmacy has ingredients to help a fungal rash so we will see. I feel better knowing that we are at least doing something. I'll keep you all posted. If it keeps on spreading after using this cream we will seek medical help here.
Thanks so much! This kind of thing is so worrisome normally but to be away makes it harder.


Sophia's Mama and Baba said...

Wanda, Maybe Lexi's skin is reacting to the soap you are using or the laundry detergent her clothes have been washed in. I am sure those are all different then what she has been used to. Ruth gave you good advice as did your sister. I hope the cream helps.. Poor Lexi give yourself and her a hug from me.


Amy R. said...

I don't know what it is, but my daughter had the same thing...started with her scratching at her neck. We just used a lot of medicated powder (it was August) and kept it clean and dry and it went away slowly. There is a clinic/doctor at the White Swan that is pretty good, on the 3rd floor I think. They helped us anyway...

MHSands said...

Geoff looks right at home with that baby girl! Keep us posted on the rash...

I can't believe you have been gone for almost a week; time surely does fly!

Amy said...

I wouldn't worry too much. It looks like she may be allergic to something,so the benedryl will work well. She may just have really sensitive skin (I have a little one who breaks out in hives very easily) If she does start running a fever or the rash show up all over her belly. It could possibly be a strep rash? You need an antibiotic for that, but it is not so bad. Keep us posted. She is such a beauty and looks like she is adjusting SO well.
Many blessings,

Kathi and David said...

It looks just like the rash I get between my fingers when I eat too many tomatoes. It itches terrible until the blisters break and it heals. I think Lexi's is an allergic reaction to something. Could be the detergent or clothing softner. There was a clinic within the White Swan when we were there in March 07. Best of luck, I hope it goes away soon.

Kathi B.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Lexi looks so great!!! Lizzie got a rash as well. She has very dry, sensitive skin and was reacting to the laundry detergent. Lizzie was also VERY tiny and still is!!! We took some antibiotics with us and ended up having to give them to Lizzie because she had bronchitis when we got her. The doctor at the White Swan diagnosed her!! Good luck!! It looks like the attachment is going great!!!

Ann (another DG Mom)