Monday, February 23, 2009

Touring Beijing... Lessons learned!

We did it! We climbed the Great Wall! It was even harder than usual as their was ice on steps from the recent snow. I held on to the rails the whole way! On the way down.. I held on with two hands at times! It was so steep in some places. This picture is all crooked because we were alone and had no one at that point to take our picture so we propted the camera on a trash can! This was after the climb! We really went a long way! Had it not been for slipppery ice, we would have pushed on but I couldn't imagine slipping, falling, injuring ourselves and then not being 100% for LJ!
This is prior to the climb. The etching says something about one is not a hero until they have climbed the Great Wall. I guess we are heros now!

This was taken at the Palace Garden in the Forbidden City. It was beautiful!
This was us, as we approached the Forbidden City. This was our first stop of the day.

Now... for the humor found in the day... let's talk about the funny stuff! We've so enjoyed our day in Bejing! Just let me say our guide is wonderful! She has a bubbly personality!

1. Typical hats in China don't fit Geoff. Our agency gave us two baseball style hats to wear on the tour I suppose but ...

I can't tell you how this made me laugh!!! It reminds me of when Brennen was only 7 months old and Geoff put his hat at Carolyn and John's Super Bowl Party!

2. Don't pull out your cash wad in the crowd in front of the Forbidden City. I almost had a heart attack! First our guide left us for like 2 seconds to pay our way in and next thing we knew, there were pan-handlers everywhere surrounding us. I was especially moved by an old woman with a tear falling down her cheek. She had a Forbidden City book for sale. I thought it would be a good idea to have one... and then Geoff went to get some cash... out came the whole wad and then comes another book... and another... We ended up with all of these! (Bejing, Forbidden City, and Great Wall)

What we paid for all three was really not bad but it was the whole experience that was crazy! Next thing you know, we had people trying to sell us hats and all kind of crap and then there was an unfortunate man looking for money that had lost his hand. He really was pitiful but thankfully Sylvia rescued us and gave us the lesson of all lessons... ignore and keep walking. (I do this every time I go to the mall in Savannah... don't know what happened today!

3. Geoff is a celebrity in China. I left him long enough to go to the restroom and came back to him telling me... hurry back!!! People are making me pose for pictures with them! They probably were amazed at this tall guy. I told him maybe they thought he was Ben Affleck!

4. Squatty Potty's aren't so bad! I had to go at the Great Wall. I learned that all those rustic camping trips when I was younger paid off... It was fine! The hard part was un-squatting after just returning from climbing the Great Wall! My legs were jello!

5. We got a good laugh about our Chinese Zodiacs. I was born in the year of the Tiger and Geoff in the year of the Rabbit. Our guide laughed and said that this match meant that the woman was in charge and was usually the boss and controlled the money. The rest of the day, everytime it was time to buy something it was me she went to. At the Jade Factory, I picked out a necklace for LJ and Geoff picked out the family harmony ball.

6. Chinese slippers don't fit Geoff either! Poor guy... In China he may as well be a relative of Yao Ming!

7. In China, you don't always know what you are eating! Our lunch was delicious. Our guide had Geoff try the "business men's drink". It was a tiny glass so he figured what the heck... we're in China. Well... as cold as it is here, he said this could warm you right up! I only wish I had the look on his face when he drank it! Geoff's says he would not be a good business man in China.

And tonight we had Peking Duck with all kinds of other delicious dishes! Except this one...

I wish somone could tell me what I ate! It was NOT noodles...and it grew in my mouth with every chew. Yikes!

We have tons more pictures but we're just so tired... time to rest up for Lexi-J Day!


Sara said...

V AgfzSDA785R

This is what happens when I try to type with Brennen. Anyways, I wanted to let you know that Brennen was talking to Geoff's picture this morning! I was up last night at 2:30am with Brennen so if I am again tonight I will be getting on here!

We love you!

Leighann said...

No, that does not look like noodles up close. Maybe something from the sea or road kill???? HA!
Bet you won't do that again.

Anonymous said...

Geoff,i know you are glad you listen to your boss and took your big jacket with you.Keep posting the picture we love looking at & dad

hiltonsheadeast said...

LOL I told you guys !! You feel like giants when you are in China. Hehehehe So glad you are blogging. We're hanging on every word! Can't wait till I see a photo of you with Lexi in your arms!


Sophia's Mama and Baba said...

OMGosh Wanda i love this post it brings it all back for me. You went to the same part of the Wall we did. You Had the same experience we did with the Panhandlers. The Little green bottle Oooo I should have warned you but that food was awesome.. So glad to see you all having a great time i knew you would.. Can't wait to see Lexi Jayne in your arms...


Wanda and Geoff said...

Hi All, I never realized how much the comments and SKYPE would help bring some of home to us! It's AMAZING to be here but very strange as well! Especially without a travel group! We rarely have seen Americans (once).

Sara... I can just see Bren babbling at his Papa! I miss you all very much!

Leighann... I have to say that dish was much worse than the conch you tricked me into eating 20 years ago in St. Augustine!

Mom and Dad... I can't tell you how many times I've had to say "Aren't you glad I talked you into that coat?" LOL! It was very cold!!! But by the time we got to the tower, we were sweating! It was an awesome experience!

I love and miss you both so much, we could not imagine doing this without your love and support!

Lori and Andy, It definately is different. At the Jade Factory yesterday, I cracked them all up because the girls there trying to sell me a Jade bracelet told me how small my hands and wrists were. They said I have hands of an Asian woman... I just giggled and told them the "rest of me is supposed to be this small!"

Susan and Riz, I think I wouldn't have missed look on Geoff's face after tasting the green stuff... it was priceless, however, I did get paid back at dinner! I wonder if it was something from the sea... or maybe something more gross like intestines or tripe(sp)??. Anyhow, we are trying to treasure every moment!

Being in China is awesome! We just don't have the time or energy to blog it all! I'm trying because I don't want to forget a single minute of it!

I love you all!
Wanda.... Geoff is snoozing!

Shannon said...

Geoff will be an even bigger star in the smaller towns/cities! My brother LOVED the attention! Sounds like things are going well...despite that one dish. The comment that it grew in your mouth had me cracking up! =)

MHSands said...

This had me LOL!

Do you think I would considered tall in China (you know I am on the kindergarten hall)!