Monday, June 21, 2010

Breaking from the Beach

Leave it to Geoff to take off for part of today to go do some work during his vacation.  I actually feel sorry for the man because he is surrounded by girls.  John is not coming until Wednesday so it’s just been us girls and Geoff.  He left early this morning and headed back to Ga. to his office to finish a little bit of work and will be coming back this afternoon.  I’m inside right now so the Direct TV guy can fix the satellite… yes, Geoff has been without TV as well!  He’s had movies and games but no channel flipping.  I’m the kind that could do without the noise of TV but not Geoff.

I took our little pink ballerina to the beach this morning.  It’s still taking her awhile to warm up to the beach.  Last year she was fearless but this year she is cautious.  We’ve not been pushing her and she is slowly getting into it. We brought Cheetos to feed to the birds today.  Lexi had fun feeding them and HERSELF.  Before we left the condo for the beach she was whining “Hold Me, Hold Me!”.  I told her that there was nothing wrong with her and that she could walk.  She very quickly told me “well, I got a hurt knee!”.  LOL!  This HURT knee was from a week ago when she barely scrapped her knee in the parking lot after Bible School.  Carolyn and Brittney got a kick out of how quick she came up with a reason to be carried around. 

June 436

June 437

June 439

June 449

After we finished feeding the birds, we put the bag BACK in my beach bag and walked down to the water.  When we came back the bag was floating in the water behind us.  Those birds had went into the my bag and gotten the rest of the bag out.  Lexi was not too happy with them. 

Oh, one more thing… Lexi slept with us last night.  Now I know that’s not a big deal but to me it is.  She never would sleep with us before.  She rolled around and would play.  Last night she crawled in bed and settled right in.  I find this significant because I’m seeing more and more signs of trust in us.  Of course, she she woke up this morning I had to hear “wake up Mommy, no more sleeping.”  We wanted her to talk… Yesterday Carolyn was teasing her and told her that I was “Wanda” and Lexi argued with her and said “That’s my MOMMY!”.  I am and I’m so proud.

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