Friday, June 11, 2010

Look Who’s in a Big Girl Bed!

We really had not planned to take Lexi out of her crib until she crawled out but with moving everything out of the rooms we decided if we were going to take her crib apart, we would put it back together as a toddler bed.  So we are on night 3 of her in her toddler bed.  I’m getting a little more used to it but the first night I did not sleep well worried she would fall over the rail onto the new ceramic floor.  However, Lexi slept very well and has done well even during her naps.  Of course, I photographed her first night.  And of course, she did Lexi Jayne style!  She certainly has more personality than Geoff or me.  She is the one who put on the tutu with her pj’s and the Christmas hat. 

June 139

June 140


June 144

June 146

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sfennell said...

Love it! I'm so glad she transitioned well! Macy was almost 3 1/2 before I moved her out...and I ended up in her big bed with her!