Saturday, June 19, 2010

Vacation 2010!

Amazingly we were off for Amelia Island by 12:30!  It was a sister caravan.  This year we rented a condo that is just 30 steps from the sand.  Yes, Beach front and Heavenly! It’s not quite as roomy as last years condo but very comfy and actually more Lexi-friendly. I warned Carolyn before we left that Lexi would be dressed much cuter than us but that’s just fine with us.  She had a new Pillow Case dress that Carolyn bought her about a month ago that matched a fish bow that she had made her during the winter so THAT was how we started the day. CUTE!

June 276

June 285

Before we left, Lj and I went to visit Mom and Dad and give him his Father’s Day present from me and Carolyn. Mom was so happy to see Lexi even though she had seen her every day this week.  Seen is the word.  They did get some time together but we had so much to do after Bible School that we would get her settled eating her Cheetos and finish before I would swoop her up and take her home for her nap.  Lexi had a Papa’s present from me and Carolyn and Mom and Richard.  It was funny but yet so precious to watch them.

June 320

June 322

June 325

June 333

June 335

And then we headed to Amelia Island.  Once we got here, Lexi, Brittney and I headed to the beach as Carolyn and Geoff unpacked. Lexi was a little more cautious than last year but Brittney helped a lot!

June 344

June 346

June 348

Then Carolyn gave Lexi a new bathing suit complete with new matching flip-flops. 

June 352

June 355

June 358

June 359

We ordered Pizza tonight and as we ate on the deck as the sun set, we took pictures of Lexi as she relaxed in her chair.  She is now asleep in our bed.  We put her down on a pallet on the floor next to our bed but as I type this post, she is in the middle of the bed.  I guess she had other ideas.  We’ll figure out who sleeps where before the night is over.  I’ve almost completely lost my voice to coughing with allergies and will not keep her up all night with my coughing.  We’ll update with Va-Kay Day tomorrow. 

June 367

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sfennell said...

Wanda have fun! Can't wait to visit Amelia in a few weeks myself. Looks like you have a great place! EnJoy! Tell Carolyn love the bathing suit.