Monday, June 21, 2010

I could get used to waking up to this…

June 429

It was actually more beautiful around 6:30 this morning but I was in no way ready to crawl out of bed.  Actually, I did get up and take a peek but didn’t grab the camera. My cold is making nights (and even days) very annoying.  I’m coughing all night and my voice is gone.  Hopefully, today will be the turning point.

We had a really nice low key day yesterday.  The beach was great and the company was even better. Lexi has been a very good little girl and she keeps us all infatuated almost 100% of the time!  I got tickled with her yesterday at nap time.  We brought her in from the beach, bathed her, fed her and then put her down for a nap.  She was wearing a hand-me-down dress from Aubrey Cate that was so cute.  Well, when I peeked in on her to see if she was asleep, she was laying across the bed in just her diaper. I guess she got hot!  There are advantages and disadvantages to toddlers learning to dress and undress themselves!  LOL!

We grilled out on the deck last night.  I didn’t think grilled hamburgers could get any better but add the beach and the view and Viola’!  You have an amazing hamburger! 

I wish I had to time to scrapbook all the great pictures I’m taking but then I’d miss some fun so here are a few of my favorites from yesterday.  Of course, most of them have Lexi in them!  I was watching Brittney and Lexi yesterday playing on the beach and just thought how blessed our families are to have these beautiful girls. Adoption is a wonderful blessing that has touched our family in so many ways.

June 425

Playing blocks with Daddy.  (notice the covered up cushions on the couch… although it’s very pretty the condo owner must have lost her mind when she ordered this wicker couch with WHITE cushions from Pottery Barn.  We have covered it with beach towels to try to Lj-Proof it!)

June 428

June 396

What a helpful little cousin!

June 400

We thought she was having problems with this big shovel but turns out she was enjoying making the dirt fly.

June 406

Looking like a Sumo Wrestler  in this pose…

June 410

These expressions in these pictures are so cute!

June 411

June 414

June 409

Our adorable little beach babe! (Yesterday was AC hand-me-down day! Love the suit Tracy!)

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