Thursday, June 03, 2010

Let the Fun Begin!

We have Brennen starting today until Sunday sometime.  As much as we used to keep him before Lexi came home, you’d think we’d be prepared but it’s been awhile.  We had to give Lj time to bond with us without competing with anyone else.  Well, we’ve all bonded and now the gates are open for the grandsons.  Sara and Chris and baby CE are headed to a wedding in Maryland and we get to enjoy the BRENNEN!  It’s so funny!  I told my mom this evening that God gave Lexi some of my DNA because if Brennen even says “NO” to her, she cries.  (Ummm….. yes, I was just like that with my sisters!)

Mostly though they have a blast together.  It’s certainly a “monkey see, monkey do” environment around here but manageable and of course if the going gets tough, I think I’ll bust open one of those black plastic bags full of shredded paper! 

We did get one unexpected surprise tonight though.  As I was changing Brennen, he proceeded to tell Lexi all about his “hinny” and his “pee pee”.  Needless to say I changed him in record speed!  LOL!

At bedtime, Geoff took Lexi and I took Brennen.  Amazingly, I got him down sooner than he did LJ!  Wa-hoo!  Mothers reign supreme!  Now I just wish he was going to be home with me all day tomorrow because I think my Mommy/Nan Super Hero Status will crumble after too much time by myself!  This is why China did not give us TWINS! 

On another note, July 26 will mark a special day for us.  We have an appointment with a judge for our readoption of Lexi in the state of GA.  It’s a necessary step to get her documents all in English so that when she enrolls in school or applies to college or gets married, etc… she will have a birth certificate in English.  Just the thought of one more concrete piece of paperwork that declares her ours makes me tear up.  She is such a jewel.  A blessing straight from heaven.  Our little quirky silly girl.  The girl who fills up a space in our heart that needed only her. A space the grows and grows every day.  We are blessed.

Tomorrow will surely bring some pictures of the two crAZy toddlers!  (If I’m not too tired to post them!!!)

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