Thursday, June 17, 2010

VBS Day 3 and 4

I missed posting yesterday because I was not feeling so well and just couldn’t muster the energy last night.  I went to bed when Lexi went to bed.  Yesterday was the first day Lexi has cried at Bible School and it was because I didn’t pick her up.  Richard did because I had an appointment.  I think she was upset because he plucked her up and made her leave.  She didn’t want to go.  I’ve been going inside and letting her show me what she has been up to so I’m sure an abrupt “let’s go” from him did not sit well with her.  I did take a picture of her adorable self wearing an outfit mom bought her not too long ago along with some new head bands that mom got her. 

June 244

June 254

Today I struggled to get ready on time, still not 100% and forgot the morning picture so we settled for an AFTER picture when we got home.  Today she wore that cute little Pillow Case Dress that Mom made her.  This one has a pocket at Lexi’s request.  Each day when I have brought her back into the kitchen, the ladies back there just “eat her up” and spoil her to pieces.  Today she left with TWO bags of chips from Ms. Delores.  That’s the reason for the Doritos lips. Those yellow things on her feet are her “cowgirl spurs” from Bible School.  She also came home with a “Saddle Bag” that said “Jesus has a purpose for me” on it. That’s certainly true! 

June 258

June 262

After we got home and had lunch, it was naptime for both of us. When Lexi got up she came into my room wearing just her diaper.  She’s learned to dress and undress herself.  So I asked her to go find some shorts and a shirt to put on and she returned with her RED Elmo shirt and her PINK shorts with YELLOW flowers on them.  I figured what the heck and let her get dressed.  She’s been so independent all afternoon and has played in her cooking center a lot and even rocked and sang to her stuffed animals in the rocking chair in her room.  I love to see her playing like this!

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