Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Potty Progress

Potty training is one of my summer goals for Lexi.  Since we’ve come back from vacation, I decided to tackle it head on this week.  We started with a baby doll that goes pee-pee on her own potty when you give her a bottle.  Lexi likes to make her go pee-pee.  Yesterday we managed to get her to tinkle in the potty after her nap and she was so excited! That was yesterday’s progress.

Today, once again we put on training panties.  Lexi had an accident in the living room floor and cried when it happened.  I have been encouraging her and telling her it’s okay to have accidents.  The whole time I was cleaning it up she was saying “I sarwe, I didn’t mean to pee-pee on uh floor”.  Over and over.  It just about broke my heart but I know she is going to make mistakes and we are not fussing at her about it so I continue to try.  She did make it once to the potty when I sent her but she didn’t quite get her panties down before she started but hey!  That’s progress.  Then later this afternoon, she went outside.  I asked her before she went if she needed to go but she said no.  Within a few minutes I hear her "I’m going to pee shreek” and I thought she had peed outside again. (This happened this morning too.) But this time she ran to me in the kitchen and peed there.  Had she ran to the potty she  probably would have made it.  I still think this is progress. I think we will begin moving the potty all over the house where ever she is and see if that helps.  Right now our primary outfits are dresses and long tops.  Tomorrow I have a dr. appt and mom is baby sitting.  Is it awful if I am looking forward to mom helping with the training? 


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