Thursday, June 03, 2010

But SHE started it!

My inner-kid escaped this morning… (Thanks to a silly little Lj!)

June 082

June 074

June 068

June 088

June 096

Okay the story behind the pictures…

    We are having ceramic tile put down in the study and Lexi’s room next week so I have been trying to clean up and throw out junk.  I usually do this every summer but I have not gone through the filing cabinet in YEARS.  Needless to say I now have 5 big black garbage bags full of shredded papers.  Lexi has been very interested in helping with the shredding and yesterday kept touching the paper as I would dump it in.  Well, I continued this morning.  I only had about an 8 inch stack to go.  So here comes little Miss You Can’t Do Anything Without My Help.  She sat down in my lap and each time I emptied the container she would reach in and feel the paper.  I knew it was tempting her.  I could see it in her eyes.  She kept going to the big bag and grabbing a handful and feeling it in her hands.  After about a half hour, she couldn’t resist anymore.  She took a small handful and put it on my leg.  I told her not to take it out of the bag but her little Mischievous self couldn’t help it.  She finally grabbed a handful and threw it at me.  I couldn’t stop laughing and the more I laughed the sillier she got and the more paper she threw.  I kept putting it back in the bag and she kept throwing.  I finally gave up and we had a full-fledged shredded paper fight!  After a little while we went back to shredding and that lasted only briefly as she continued to douse me with shredded paper and giggle hysterically.  She let me bury her in the paper and made a shredded paper angel.  We finally finished shredding the paper and I had to get a toy rake to help get the paper up.  Then vacuum.  Everywhere we went paper fell off of us and I still keep finding it in the house.  Who needs snow when you got shredded paper?

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