Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Where’s the Week Going???

I didn’t ever finish posting about yesterday.  The stories to tell are many so I just have to pick and choose.  After Lexi’s nap yesterday, she came back down to the beach with Brittney.  I brought some hamburger buns to feed the sea gulls and the girls started feeding them. Carolyn was already down there and told me that she JUST KNEW that if anyone was going to get pooped on by one of those birds, it would be her.  Just minutes later, it happened.  I swear I laughed so hard I lost my breath and had to concentrate not to pee my pants. In this picture it looks like Brittney is about to “get it” but no it was poor Carolyn! 

June 460

After we left the beach we went back to the condo and I bathed Lexi and we cleaned up.  Later she and Brittney blew bubbles off the balcony. They have done so well together and it’s been so much fun to watch them together.

June 470

June 474

Lexi has been enjoying the new freedom of sleeping in a bed vs. a crib.  We’ve had no trouble getting her to nap or go to bed.  We do allow her to read a book before she lays down by herself and that works really good.  Well last night when we went to the bedroom to go to bed ourselves, we found this…

June 479

June 478

 We are not sure the significance for the dollar bills placed under her flip-flops or why she lined up her videos in the floor. It was funny though.

We are having a great time and the week is just flying by.  I finally relented today after yet another fitful night coughing what seemed non-stop and went to the Urgent Care here on the Island. I kind of expected it to be a sinus infection and it is but I also have a throat infection.  I’ve coughed so much that my body hurts.  Carolyn took Lexi and Brittney down to the beach today while Geoff took me.  Hopefully, the antibiotics will kick in soon and the cough will go away.  It’s been the worst part. Carolyn tried to take some pictures of Lexi in her bikini playing with Brittney but our girl as usual would not look at the camera.  She wouldn’t even crack a smile when Geoff and I came back.  I didn’t get much beach time today but will do my best to make up for it tomorrow.  John is coming tomorrow and we are going to make Low Country Boil.  We’ve been enjoying cooking and just hanging out.  We will go out to dinner a few times but for some reason we just love being right here on the beach and really care very little about running all over the place.

June 484

June 488

June 493


mhsands said...

Poor Carolyn! That is sooooo my luck!

sfennell said...

It sounds like u guys r having fun. Save some sand for me! We also LoVe the beach and just hangin out. I could stay down there for hours at the time! Have fun!